7 Best Welding Gloves with Reviews

Welding gloves are a must-have gear when one’s dealing with the welding jobs. The welding process involves intense heat, sparks, and molten flying metal fragments. And there are some welding gloves to choose from. However, not all of them will give you the features that you need to complete your welding safely. Well, if you want a perfect pair of gloves, you must look for performance, protection, and price. It is essential that the gloves you choose must protect you from all kinds of danger, which you might encounter while welding. Also, it must be comfortable and durable.

There are numerous options available on the market. So, how will one find out the best one that suits all their needs?

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Different Varieties of Welding Gloves for Different Purposes

Different work styles demand different types of welding gloves that will suit their work purposes. There are different types of the welding process for different purposes. The three most popular ones are mentioned below.

1. MIG Welding:

When you are working with MIG welding, it may produce less heat and a moderate amount of spark and spatter. So, when you are planning on working with a MIG welding machine make sure you give priority to protection from heat. You may also want to consider gloves that have thin lining and thick layer. Cowhides, goatskins with top-grain or deerskin gloves are best for MIG welding process. Best ones are the goatskin with fleece lining, but for comfort and ability, the deerskin gloves are excellent. MIG welding gloves should have the following features;

  • Must have sparks, spatter and heat resistance
  • Must be thick
  • Presence of thick pad on the back of the hand
  • Must be a loose fit

2. TIG Welding:

The thin metals are correctly dealt with without producing much heat by the TIG welding. So, the best TIG welding gloves must be flexible and provide ability during the process of welding. Another feature that sets TIG gloves from others is that it is stitched with the Kevlar thread, which ensures extra resistance from heat.

TIG welding gloves should have the following features;

  • These gloves must be maneuverable, softer and most importantly thinner.
  • The gloves allow finger mobility as it fits snug in your hands.
  • You can easily control torch and filler

3. Stick Welding:

As we all know that most of the heat, spatter, and sparks are produced during stick welding. So, to protect your hand while you are working on welding, you must use either pigskin or top-grain elk skin welding gloves. Even, the cowhide gloves work out best while using stick welding.  The gloves ensure the best protection of your hand, and one of them is Caiman 1878-5 that keeps your hand away from the harm’s way.

Stick welding gloves should have the following features:

  • These gloves are not so flexible
  • They are thick and provides utmost heat resistance

7 Best Welding Gloves with Reviews That Ensures Your Safety

1. NKTM Leather Welding Gloves:

NKTM leather gloves are made from cowhide leather. Measuring 16 inches, these gloves are a perfect balance between protection, durability, and comfort. It has a reinforced winged thumb design, canvas cuff and cotton liner for support, heat resistance, and sweat absorption. It also features the split leather and palm reinforcement for better protection and durability. The NKTM Leather gloves are the perfect illustration of cost-friendly welding gloves that have multiple uses. They give protection against objects, flames, sparks, and heat. The leather used in making these gloves is soft which provides a right amount of flexibility, which makes using these gloves very easy.


  • Very comfortable when worn
  • Affordable price
  • Have good dexterity
  • Full cow split protects from heat, flames, and Sparks
  • Durable sticking ensures safety and resistance from heat
  • Protects hands from burning when in contact with high heat objects
  • It’s flexible design make the holding of items easy
  • Apart from welding, these gloves can be used at work gloves, safety gloves, camping gloves, gardening gloves, fireplace gloves, etc.


  • Sticking poorly done and not so strong
  • The smell of chemical used is strong
  • It is not suitable for stick welding

These gloves are of many uses, and the NKTM welding gloves are one of the best pairs of gloves, and it gives value for the money owing to its vast versatility, low price, and reliable quality.

2. US Forge 400 Welding Gloves Lined Leather:

US Forge 400 Welding gloves are bright blue. They are one of the best in the market for several reasons.  They are very comfortable because of its cotton lining. Also, these are having locked stitching which adds to its durability. Also, its top leather is made soft to provide dexterity. The quality and its protection play essential roles while welding. The fine-grained and superior quality leather protects the hands from UV rays and hot metals. Also, it comes with a hassle-free 90 days warranty. Their affordable price range makes it a great deal if the users are looking for gloves for metal working or forging.


  • US Forge Gloves are specially made to protect users’ hands from injury and burns caused by hot metal.
  • The product is made of high-quality leather that gives more comfort and durability.
  • The leather body of the glove is locked and stitched with cotton.
  • The product is very affordable, and the quality is excellent
  • The color of the product does not fade when it is washed.


  • The gloves do not cover the full hands.
  • Not suitable for overhead or stick welding
  • Gloves are bulky.
  • Difficult to clean
  • Cumbersome to move inside

These welding gloves are a much better option than more expensive specialty gloves. It is one of the most robust leather gloves for welding. So, for professional people, this pair of gloves may suit best over all others mentioned in the list.

3. OLSON DEEPAK Welding Gloves HEAT RESISTANT Cow Split Leather:

Olson Deepak’s welding gloves are premium-welding gloves, which provide superior hand protection, and its strong stitching enhances its durability and lifespan. Also, it’s featured with high-grade cowhide split side leather which makes the gloves durable and heat and fire resistant. It’s super soft and has cotton lining for high performance of heat resistance, operation flexibility, and sweat absorption and fire retardant. Gloves are very comfortable to hold and operate efficiently. The wing thumb design of the gloves provides superior flexibility.


  • Low price
  • Stitching help to survive heavy uses
  • Cuff and cotton lining helps to withstand heat
  • Gloves can be used for other purposes also like carpentry or any other mechanical work
  • Very flexible
  • Lightweight and robust combustion
  • Wear and tear resistant and extremely durable
  • Perfect for hobbyists and DIY specialist


  • Not for prolonged exposure to heat.
  • Stitching can be improved.
  • Not suitable for large suitable hands.

These welding gloves are versatile, durable and affordable. If you have a budget limitation, then you can happily choose this set of gloves for yourself. For the welders who do welding as a hobby or for DIY purposes, these gloves are just apt for them.

4. John Tillman and Co 50L Top Grain Leather MIG Gloves:

The John Tillman and Co 50L is made out of top grain cowhide leather. It is featured with split leather coatings on the palm and back, all sewn together using particular thread. The gloves feature plunder lining and a smooth and continuous forefinger. One unique feature of this pair is the elastic provided on the back of the glove, around the wrist which creates a more secure fit. These welding gloves offer sufficient protection and excellent dexterity.


  • Tillman welding gloves can be used both for residential and commercial purposes
  • Seamless forefingers help the welders to continue working without taking them off.
  • As cotton is more relaxed than other materials is used for making the lining. Also, it’s royal blue flame retardant.
  • For better heat resistance, the sleeves are treated and tanned especially.
  • It has inside pockets also which can be used to carry small soaps or other essential products. The pockets are protected y button snaps.


  • Many users have reported cases of low heat resistance power in the palms.
  • Inner lining tends to come off.
  • Not suitable for overhead welding.

Tillman is one of the top and finest brands. The MIG gloves from Tillman are known for their comfort and quality. The product is engineered with excellence and made of flame resistant cotton and cowhide. The seamless forefinger is a witty feature. These gloves protect the hands well from heat and splatter. And the carded elastic at the back ensures the elasticity of the gloves and that it does not slip away.

Also, with this, one can use other equipment like remote and so on. Therefore these pair of gloves is one of the best welding gloves.

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5. Superior 370GFKL Precision Arc Goatskin Leather:

Superior welding gloves featured 635 g of cut resistance and had excellent touch and dexterity control. The hand portion of these gloves is lined with cut and sewn gauge love, which helps for precise fit and does not affect the touch sensitivity and gives superior heat resistance. The product is very tough and durable and provides an elegant touch and dexterity to its users. These gloves can be used for MIG/TIG welding, stainless steel welding, and steel foundries.


  • High-quality footing and functions
  • Very comfortable to work with
  • Feels good when worn in hands
  • Fire retardant
  • Can be used for overhead welding
  • Thickness is apt for protection and movement of fingers.


  • Customers complain about durability when used for 8-10 hours per day
  • Not suitable for large hands

Superior Welding gloves are robust and durable pair gloves and it suitable for professional welding purposes. It’s fitting, and stitching is perfect and as per best welding gloves reviews its one of the most liked product among the other gloves in the same price range. Its cost friendly and the users will love using it.

6. Plas Maller Direct Welding Gloves Lined Leather Extreme:

Plas Maller Welding Gloves are lined with grade soft leather, which makes its durable protection for the hands to handle hot objects and other equipment easily. Its cotton lining protects from heat insulation, adds to its comfort and absorbs sweat as well. Measuring 16 inches, it protects the forearms from the debris of grinding, hot coal, open flames, welding sparks, hot steams from the kitchen, etc. It’s locked stitching and adds to its strength and makes it heat and oil resistant. The pair lasts for a long time. The reinforced wing thumb feature provides for maximum flexibility. Also, it helps in holding of items natural and operating them with comfort.


  • The best protection for comfortable and safe welding
  • Heat, oil, puncture, fire, and cut resistant
  • Thick and durable
  • Provides superior security
  • Heavy duty
  • Can be used for camping, fireplace, gardening, wood stove, etc.
  • Versatile and flexible
  • Extremely well constructed
  • Cool to wear
  • Reasonable price.


  • Interior lining may come out when hands are pulled out
  • Some buyer complains about loose fitting, but it’s advantageous as it can be easily removed in case of overheating.
  • Doesn’t comes in a variety of sizes, the one size may fit for different users.

The product offers a great deal of touch sensitivity and dexterity and is heavy duty, fire and heat resistant, and very safe. These are a multi-purpose pair of gloves and users will surely like using them.

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7. Roman Jobs Leather Work Gloves Men & Women:

Roman Jobs leather work gloves are perfect for both men and women who need to protect their hands from burning, getting cut or scratching. The durable leather, which it is made up of expertly, protects the hands against fire and other harmful factors. They are abrasion resistant, thick and dense and nonslippery. Still, it allows the movement of the fingers inside the glove.

It’s soft from inside and durable on the outside. It protects the hands at high temperature owing to its refractory properties when worked with open flames. Heat resistance and working are comfortable. It’s a versatile product and has multiple uses. It’s scratch free, and even gardeners can work with it without caring about the thorns in the gardens. It protects the skin from getting pierced.


  • Easy to work with
  • Heat resistant
  • Nonslippery and abrasion resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Multiple uses like chainsaw gloves, yard gloves, protective gloves, garden gloves, construction gloves and mechanic gloves
  • Withstand high as well as low temperatures
  • Comes with no message guarantee
  • Affordable price range


  • Size runs a bit small
  • Some buyers have durability problems
  • Can get a little warm inside due to body heat
  • Stitching average
  • Do not fit in extra large hands

The product has solid reviews on online sites. The strength of the product and its resistance to heat and cold conditions makes it a suitable choice for welders as well as gardeners and mechanics. The price is also very affordable given the features that it comes with.

So, this set of best welding glove provides you with details about superior gloves, which are available in the market.  These products best meet the heat, splashes, arc flash protection, spark, etc. that a welder needs during the welding purposes. Also, these are known as best sellers based on popularity, ratings, and strong reviews that they get due to their performance and protection and outstanding functionality from welding hazards and environments.

Frequently Asked Questions About Welding Gloves.

These are the same questions that are frequently asked by the customers. This information will help you understand more about the gloves and its workings and help you buy the best glove that suits your purpose.

1. Why Should the Gloves be Heat Resistant?

Ans: Different welding processes produce a different intensity of heat. Some provide more some process processes produce lesser than others. But the heat is generated all the same. So, for protecting your hands from heat and sparks, one must wear welding gloves as a precaution.

2. Can you Explain the Type of Leather Gloves One Must Buy?

AnsThe choice of gloves boils down to which welding process you are following. As the process of welding changes the types of leather gloves also vary. The leather is the most common material for welding gloves is used widely for making best gloves. Like for example, the leather can be attained from deer, cow, elk, and such others to make fine and sturdy gloves for welding.

  • The high-quality gloves for welding can be made from goatskin that will be used in TIG welding process.
  • The cowhide welding gloves make the best gloves for the MIG welding process. Even pigskin gloves can be used for this purpose
  • The best ones are elkskin gloves, which are rare and expensive. They are durable, of high quality and best for heat-resistant purposes.

You can also go for other leather gloves like top grain and so on.

3. Should Gloves Provide Dexterity?

AnsIf you need to be comfortable while working, then you must have gloves that provide dexterity. The quotient of dexterity is equivalent to the comfort it will provide. If you want dexterity in gloves, then you may try supple-leathered gloves as they provide maximum dexterity.

4. What do I do to Find the Right Size of Gloves for My Hand?

AnsYou must the right size of your hand to ensure the gloves of correct fit. For that, you will need to know how to measure it accurately.

Firstly, to measure your hand is by measuring the length from the top of the middle finger to the wrist and across the base of knuckles on the palm side of the hand. Being a welder, you must make sure to cover your forearm with your hand as an utmost safety precaution. Even though some manufacturers one size that fits all but there are some who make products in different sizes like small, large, medium and extra-large. 

5. How Much May a Welding Glove Cost Me?

AnsThere are varieties of the brand of gloves available in the market. Al you need to decide is your budget and your area of requirement. There gloves that range from $10 to $100, which are the best ones.

6. Which Thumb Style Would Suit Me Best?

AnsIt all depends on the styles that you prefer the most. You can opt for wing thumb style or Keystone that suits most of the people and is the best one available in the market. These ergonomically shaped gloves are not only comfortable but also liked by most people over straight thumb styles.

7. What is the specialty of Kevlar thread?

AnsThe Kevlar thread is known for being robust and heat resistant. The cotton thread may burn out on coming in contact with spatter or hot metal piece. The Kevlar thread not only provides durability but also improves the strength of the seam.

Wrapping it Up

There are some brands and varieties of welding gloves available in the market to choose from. However, you must do some serious research from your end as only then you will be able to understand the working of a welding glove more closely. You can also go for guides and informative videos that will help you select the best one out of all the ones that are available out there. You may want to check out reviews and ratings also to find out which ones are popular among the customers. So, keeping safety in mind, go for the product that will keep you away from harms’ way and make your welding experience a memorable one.

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