9 Best Welding Boots Reviews

Welding boots are an essential accessory that is an integral part of the welding process. The boots provide extra protection to the user from heat and shock. For the intense work of welding, everyday shoes won’t work as they may melt away with the spatter, sparks and heat. With tough soles and upper shoe, a welder can be sure of safety.

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Essential Qualities that a Pair of Welding Boots Must Possess

To understand which qualities your welding boots must own, you need to think about the kind of work environment that welders face. Here are a few qualities that your boots should have.

  1. Corrosive or toxic chemicals, hot substances, and heavy equipment come to mind, and the potential hazards are grave. On the other hand, securing your feet within cages of metals is not a solution as welders must also be quick on their feet. Thus, the welders’ boots must be light as well as sturdy.
  2. Since heat is an integral part of such work, synthetics must be avoided at all costs. Toxic fumes and molten plastic can burn your skin. To prevent any accidents, the stronger boots are made of leather.
  3. The most vulnerable parts of the foot are the metatarsal and the toes. There is always a chance of something heavy like welding carts and gas tanks rolling and falling on the feet in the hazardous work environment. Thus, impact resistant work boots with steel or fiberglass toe caps are desirable.

Buyer’s Guide For Buying  The Best Welding Boots

Before buying anything, one must know everything about the welding boots.

Heat Resistant – the welding machine produces lots of heat, and you may have to deal with the hot surface. To protect your feet from getting burnt one must check out for boots that are heat resistant. Boots with leather of genuine quality are not only heat resistant, but the Kevlar stitching protects it from getting easily damaged.

Metatarsal Guard – the guard is worn around the shoes and builds a protective layer to keep you from harm’s way.

Shockproof – the welding boots provide you resistance from the shock that can be caused by wires and welding gears. Some boots can give strength from at least 600 volts of current.

Presence of Lace – laces are used to secure the boots tightly in place, but they can also cause harm. With a little bit of a mistake, the laces can catch fire, and that can lead to disaster. So, before getting yourself, welding boots make sure you check the laces out.

Durability and Comfort – it is essential for the welding boots to be comfortable and durable. If a boot is not durable then for working people this can lead to extra expenditure.

All these points will help you the product that will suite you best and make every penny count.

Here are the Top 9 Welding Boots Reviews

1. Delta Plus Panoply Cobra 3 S1P:

This pair of boots by one of Europe’s leading PPE manufacturers and distributors, Delta Plus, is the most popular one by buyer reviews. It is made of durable leather and provides reliable protection just like the rest of the Delta Plus Classic+ range. In addition to the two hundred Joule steel toe cap, these work boots also feature penetration resistant steel midsoles, as well as Velcro, fastened leather flaps to protect the wearer against welding spatter.

With this level of sturdiness, these boots are not only perfect for welders but also for tradesmen, garage workers, construction workers, engineers and others who need to be on foot for long hours in dodgy work spaces, especially with a lot of equipment.

This particular order item is equipped with additional arch support, an energy absorbing heel, and oil and solvent resistant, cleated outsole for superfluous grip in demanding conditions. These boots are also anti-static which is why they are incredibly versatile and suitable for use in a diversity of situations. Here are the pros and cons of the top recommendation:


  • The boots are of superior quality. The upper lining of the boots is made of pigmented split leather and mesh lining. The insole is made of polyamide fixed on EVA while the outsole is injected dual density PU.
  • The Kevlar seams not only withstand high temperatures, but they also keep the wearer from getting fatigued easily.
  • It’s super versatile.
  • It provides one of the highest levels of protection.


  • Some users have reported issues with sizing.

2. Martens Men’s Ironbridge MG ST Steel:

If your feet sweat a lot, causing discomfort during the working hours and itchiness later, then these are the boots for you. Furthermore, padded foot beds fit snugly around each foot, giving extra comfort besides the work boots sturdiness that you need.

Available in two colors, this boot is famous for the perfect balance it strikes between style and efficiency. It’s made of leather with synthetic soles. The collar is full-grain with leather, ballistic mesh pads and is water resistant in addition to the quality electrical hazard protection. It is super durable with a classic Dr. Marten’s stitching around the base, welted construction to prevent outside moisture from seeping in and rubber-like material on the outsoles which are also lightweight and impact-resistant.

Besides these, the Met Guards and the ASTM approved steel in the toes provide top notch protection. Other standard features include shock absorbing PVC outsoles, tough leather upper, heat sealed soles which are slip resistant, overall oil resistance, and the iconic yellow stitching. The package of the Dr. Marten’s Ironbridge MG ST Boots also includes heavy duty metal eyelets and lace carriers, double stitched safety steel -toe cap, padded ankle support, Cosmo moisture wicking lining and the industrial strength cord lacing. Isn’t this just the perfect pair of style and strength for you?


  • Sturdy leather build and double stitches for durability.
  • Synthetic soles which are non-conductive.
  • The ballistic mesh padded collar adds to the water resistance.
  • Electrical hazard protection and slip resistance for safer functioning.
  • The boots provide excellent strength with metatarsal guards and solid steel toes.
  • Moisture-wicking lining and padded foot beds offer superb comfort.


  • Even though the boots are leather built, the soles tend to be too soft to be comfy. These soft soles might tend to melt or be damaged in areas of high temperature.

3. EVER BOOTS “Protector Men’s Steel Toe:

These are the best work boots for those who deal with potential electrical hazards at work. The hard wearing leather and rubber soles are tested and verified to withstand up to 18k Volts. The soles also provide excellent grip for slip-resistance. The durable rubber outsole is carefully manufactured for prevention of sole deterioration against damage from oil or grease.

The midsoles are PU for comfort, and the steel shank provides stability to the shoes and appropriate support to the balls of the feet. Not only does it alleviate pressure, but it also offers comfort with a shock-absorbing multi-layered outsole. Such specialist shoes are often required by Engineers, Electricians, Linesmen, and Maintenance men, Mechanics, Warehouse Workers, Plumbers, Concrete Contractors and Construction Workers among other professionals.


  • Oil and slip resistant work boots with excellent grip.
  • The multi-layered outsole, the injection assembled soles, and the steel shanks provide top notch support in any work environment.
  • The boots are super sturdy and extremely durable as it is built with a leather and the rubber adds required flexibility.
  • Costs lesser than most other favorite work boots.


  • Sizes run a bit larger.

If you want good boots that may last forever, then you must look out for Protector Men’s steel boots. The boots not only last longer but also provide utmost comfort to the user.

4. Rhino Men’s 6MS01 6″ Steel Toe Metatarsal:

This pair is for those who don’t like to keep their feet caged and yet want to be safe from any and every potential hazard at work. The shoes are made of pure leather, and the outer sole is made of durable and durable rubber. No wonder these boots are sturdy and robust! They give an extraordinary grip and protect the feet from electrical hazards.

Not only are they completely water resistant, but they also come with strapping padded collars which safeguard the metatarsals and upper part of the feet.  The steel toes are truly dependable. For all the sturdiness of these pairs, the tongue cushion insoles ensure that the wearer doesn’t feel a hint of fatigue while staying on his feet for long hours.


  • The rubber outsole is chunky but light. It doesn’t drag the feet or impede the speed of the wearer.
  • It provides the excellent defense against potential electrocution.
  • They are strong enough to shelter the feet from any heavy objects falling on them.
  • Oil resistant, slip resistant as well as water resistant shoes.
  • The tongue cushion insole provides relief to the feet even if you work for long hours. This, in turn, enhances your overall performance at work.


  • There have been reports of sharp metal slightly cutting the feet near the lace holes.

Just as the name suggests, the product is rough and tough with additional qualities that make it ideal for welding boots.

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5. Rock Fall Spark RF5000 Metal Free Composite:

This one is made from the ever famous, flame retardant buffalo leather and fitted with a Velcro fastened leather strap. The best thing about these shoes is that they are entirely free of metal. They provide strength and security just like any other shoes with steel toes and steel shanks, and yet they are light and safe for wear. There is zero danger of your feet being harmed by anything that is inside or outside the shoes!

Instead, these work boots employ an impact-resistant fiberglass toecap as well as a composite, penetration resistant midsole. The flame resistant stitching is cherry on the top; as is the full-length removable insole. Talking about premium quality, the soles are entirely Force10 heavy duty nitrile and rated as SRC slip resistant which is one of the highest levels of slip resistance out there. These Rock Fall shoes have been manufactured, tested and certified by the latest welding standard, REV2010. It has been recommended by experts for use in any field of foot work, especially for any welding applications and foundry use.


  • Full-length removable insoles.
  • Made from flame retardant buffalo leather and impact-resistant fiberglass toecaps for sturdiness.
  • Heavy duty nitrile rubber soles which are slip resistant.
  • Absolutely metal free for added safety.
  • Recommended widely as the best welding boots.


  • Sizing issues have been reported.

Spending a small amount on these can provide you with a heavy duty and comfortable work experience.

6. Rock Fall Phoenix RF6000 Flame Retardant:

Flame retardant buffalo leather is making waves among the work boots. It is sturdy, light and durable without being too rough. The Force10 heavy duty nitrile rubber soles provide excellent grip, and thus, they are also known as the best welder boots. The well-made collar ensures that an improved fitting is implemented in each pair. Most of the features are similar to the Rock Fall Spark, but there are some improvements and some drawbacks too.


  • Ortholite premium enhanced comfort foot bed.
  • Generous full fitting with room for movement.
  • Tough fiberglass toecap which is completely shocking and crush resistant.
  • Top notch soles with oil resistance and slip resistance.
  • Flame retardant leather and stitching.
  • They can withstand a lot of heat.


  • Sizing issues have been reported.

These heavy duty, light and durable shoes are the dream of most of the welders. You can buy these ortholite boots and enjoy your time working welding.

7. Rock Fall Vulcan RF7000 Flame Retardant High Leg:

If one is looking for full fitting, premium quality safety boots, then they must see for Rock Fall Vulcan RF7000 Flame Retardant High Leg Foundry Welders Safety Boots. The shoes have been developed from the tough buffalo leather which is fire retardant. The penetration resistant composite midsole is heat resistant. It has been certified to the latest standards of the foundry that allow it to protect the welder. It comes with a sturdy collar, FORCE10 soles that are made of nitrile rubber that is not only solid but also highly durable. The soles are also slip resistant. The uppers are made of buffalo grain leather that is fire retardant with Kevlar stitching.


  • The boot is penetration resistant, Composite, protective midsole
  • The fire retardant stitching with Velcro
  • Crush and Shock resistant fiberglass toe cap
  • Soles are slip resistant


  • The boot is heavy which becomes a problem for people with knee problem

Rock Fall Foundry safety boots are one of its kinds. The high leg boots will not protect your leg from shock and heat but also keep you comfortable.

8. Oliver 25 Series 6″ Leather Smelter Boots:

Oliver brand launched Leather Smelter boots that are not only stylish but also provides excellent coverage. The welding boots must be flame-redundant and heat resistant, and these two features make this pair boots highly appealing. The Smelter boot has been stitched with Kevlar thread that gives it protection from intense heat and spatter.

The boots are made of HS Dual density Nitrile Rubber Soling system that helps it to absorb severe shock. With 25 Series of an outsole, the boots get the resistance to heat up to 572 degrees Fahrenheit. It is also resistant to mineral oils, chemicals, animal fats, oils and even acids and alkalis. It is best recommended for heavy metal and extensive duty use. The look of the boots is appealing.


  • Shock absorbent
  • Warranty for the product available
  • Flame retardant and heat resistant leather
  • Lighter than other traditional shoes
  • External metatarsal guard with Kevlar stitching provides extra protection
  • The sole is heat resistant
  • Boots come with hook and loop closure


  • Not yet

Smelter boots are taking the boots market by storm. The boots with its new additions protect you from harm.

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9. Iron Age Men’s Ground Breaker IA5016 Work Boot:

Iron Age launched welding boots as Ground Breaker that is not only comfortable but also helps you work with great flexibility. The product is at an excellent price, and with Amazon discount, the product becomes very appealing. Compared to other products in the market this is inexpensive and works for a long time. Considering other users’ reviews, you can find the product very satisfactory.


  • Comes in women’s sizes
  • Comes with comfortable synthetic sole
  • Soft, supple leather makes it flexible and durable
  • The product is available at a reasonable price
  • It has a steel toe


  • For people with knee problem these heavy boots can be an issue
The shoes are made for professional workers. The product provides safety to the welder at a meager price. The product lasts for more than the year and with very little maintenance.

Optional Accessories for the Boots

Accessories that are advantageous for safeguarding the feet from pointed objects and molten metal can be a great asset for those who do welding.

Leggings: They protect the lower legs from heating dangers like sparks and molten metal. Secured clutches authorize these leggings to be removed quickly.

Metatarsal Guards: They protects the inside area from impact and compression. It is generally made of steel, fiber or plastic, or aluminum. Their guards may be strapped to the external of the shoes.

Toe Guards: They fit over the toes of regular shoes. They protect the toes from compression and impact dangers. These are made from plastic, aluminum or steel.

A Combo of Shin & Foot Guards: They protect the lower legs and feet. They are usually used in combination with toe guards when more protection is needed.

Elastic Side Panels or Speed Lace Systems: The key protects the foot from toxic or corrosive chemicals are being able to get your feet out of the boots as fast as possible when they are getting splashed.

Thus we see that welder shoes play a significant role in safeguarding the lower part of the feet from heat, splashes, molten metal, sharp objects, etc. One must always keep in mind the necessary features that the shoes must have so that they can protect the legs. Welding is a risky job and safety should still be the priority.

The best welding boots for welders are the boots that are comfortable and don’t hurt, no matter how many hours are spent standing on your feet while welding. The brands that resist heat should also take a pointed piece of metal or any other sharp object to the sole or the upper. They should be able to handle molten pieces landing in the leather. To ensure the safety, it is worth the price to invest in quality welding boots or shoes that protect and make the job of welders more comfortable.

Quality that Welding Boots Must Have

In welding tasks, one gets exposed to hot materials and toxic or destructive materials. Synthetics of any kind should be avoided around welding – if they get burnt the smoke are toxic, and the fused plastic may to stick to the skin and can burn it. The sturdier boots are manufactured of leather. The user’s feet may be exposed to electrical dangers. Therefore, non-conductive footwear should be worn. Welding boots or these non-conductive welding shoes are designed to minimize the potential of shocks when the soles of the boots are exposed to open circuits of 600V or less under moisture fewer conditions. Bulky objects like gas tanks or welding carts might fall or roll on a user’s foot. Thus, footwear that can withstand massive impact should be worn. A necessary feature of any quality safety shoes is a steel toe, which is also known as a steel cap. This cap must cover the toes’ from the tips to beyond the bending of the foot.

A welder usually works with sharp objects that could penetrate the soles or the upper of regular shoes. Therefore, a pierce-resistant or cut- resistant material should be used while making the footwear. The footwear should have flexible, supporting inner shoes or metal soles. Welders usually work around hot molten metal which might splash onto the feet or other parts of the leg. Thus, the footwear should be heat resistant which is an essential characteristic of the shoes is. The first component that a heat-resistant shoe must have is leather material as it provides the best protection against heat. The next matter of concern is how the shoes are constructed. The boots or shoes should be so built that hot metal cannot reside in the gaps made by tongues, eyelets or any other parts.  The best footwear for welders or best boots for welders will be an excellent shoe or boot that fit well.

To make sure that a welding boot or shoe has a proper fit one must;

  • Use the characteristic process to determine the apt size, and both the feet should be measured;
  • Check for best characteristics and way of construction;
  • Test the shoe by walking in the shoe; whether it is fitting comfortably or not;
  • Adjust to the foot with some breaking time needed;
  • Make sure that the boot fits the arch of the foot from heel to ball. This helps to provide appropriate room for toes; and
  • Ensure that whether there is adequate foot clearance at the small toe.

Wrapping it Up

To make best out of your money be sure to do some research on the varieties of welding boots. As there are many brands and types of welding boots available in the market one must check out all the features including the pros and cons of the product. One must also check reviews and rating of the product that has been posted by previous users. So, grab a pair of boots with fitting gloves, and you are good to start on the welding project.

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