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Best Hand Sanders: Woodworking is common amongst both hobbyists and professionals. Whether you are planning on doing pet projects at home or want to make a profession out of woodworking, having the right tools is essential for the success of your projects. In absence of the right tools, even the most ambitious projects can fall apart miserably. Of the many essential tools that a woodworker needs, a sander assumes prime importance. With a hand sander at disposal, you will be able to complete a wide range of tough or delicate woodworks with ease. That is why, if you are planning to start woodworking or want to carry out simple home repair/renovation tasks, having the best hander sander in your toolbox is of importance.

Why do you Need a Handheld Sander?

Handheld sanders find utility in a number of ways. Whether you are looking to complete small DIY home projects, or for finishing a number of professional woodworking projects, a handheld sander can prove to be a useful tool in your arsenal. A hand sander can be used for any of the following projects or tasks:

  • Upcycling or refinishing your wood furniture
  • Removing paint or stain from cabinet doors, etc.
  • Changing paint on the doors of your home
  • Restoring vintage dressers or chests
  • Removing rust from outdoor furniture
  • Repainting your window frames

How to Choose a Hand Sander for Your Projects?

In order to ensure that you can complete all of your projects efficiently and effectively, the choice of the right sander is important. Choosing the correct hand sander is essential for the success of any project which is why care must be taken while purchasing one for your home projects or professional ones. Given are a few factors that must be taken into consideration before you arrive at a final decision

Type of the Hand Sander Needed: Hand sanders can be categorized into different types and not all may be suitable for the project that you have at hand. If the correct choice of the sender isn’t made, you may not able to achieve the desired results. That is why, it is imperative that before you buy one for your needs, you have to understand what your requirements and which type of hand sander would be best suited for the task. For example, orbital sanders are great for home projects that require light sanding and detailed work. They are not very powerful and that is why they are aren’t ideal for sanding big areas. Belt sanders are what you need if you need powerful sanding such as sanding the floor. In short, you have to know your requirements well before you can decide on the best hand sander for yourself.

Material to be Sanded: The surface or material that you want to sand must also be taken into account while deciding. Though most of the hand sanders can work on a variety of surfaces if the correct sanding paper is used, it is wise to find out whether a particular model will be able to efficiently sand a surface or material that you want to work on. If the unit cannot sand the material or does a poor job, it would be wise to move on.

Power: The power generated by hand sander also impacts how efficiently and conveniently you can complete all of your projects. Sanders is usually powered by either electricity or air compressors. It has been proven that air compressors supply more power to the sander than electric motors can do. If you have difficult sanding jobs at hand, you need a sander that can offer enough power to complete the job successfully.

Speed: The speed of the sander determines how good the unit is at sanding. Speed of the sander is usually expressed in RMP for disc and orbital sanders, FPM for belt sanders, OPM for sheet sanders, etc. The more the speed, the lesser passes will you need, and the faster will be the work done. So, depending on the amount of sanding that you plan on doing on a regular basis, it would be wise to invest in a hand sander with more speed.

Speed Controls: Not only do you need a sander that can offer high speeds, but you also need one that comes with settings to control it well. As such, a sander with multiple speed settings is the ideal pick. This can be done with throttles that can be used to control the speed while sanding, or using switches that you can select before you start sanding.

Vibration Control: It is natural for the sander to vibrate while in use. The vibration produced during working varies from model to model. The lower the level of vibration, the easier will it be for you to hold the machine while working. That is why manufacturers of the best hand sander work on keeping the vibration level as low as possible.

Hand Grip: Since all the work with the hand sander entails holding the sander with your hands, it is essential to buy a sander that comes with ergonomic handle design. This will allow you to hold the sander firmly and comfortably. Moreover, since a lot of vibration is caused during sanding, a firm grip is necessary to ensure that you can hold the sander for long without causing pain and discomfort in your hand. Not only that, a good grip will ensure that you can hold the sander appropriately for intricate sanding. A soft grip is usually preferred by frequent users.

Dust Collection: Whenever you sand any surface, you are bound to create a lot of dust. This dust can cause breathing problems if you use sanders quite often. That is why sanders that come with a built-in bag for dust collection is best to ensure that you do not suffer from breathing issues or have to clean the work area a lot.

Trigger Locks: This is a nice feature to look for in a hand sander. The lock will allow you to lock down the sander while in motion in case you need to free up your hands for an emergency. The lock also makes it easy to add new pieces to be sanded while keeping the sander stationery.

Durability: If you are planning to use the sander quite often, buying one that is highly durable will be a wise decision. The durability of the sander can be decided from its building as well as from feedback given by past users. A model that scores high in the durability factor would be a great tool for frequent woodworkers.

Ease of Use: If you have a tight budget, it may not be possible for you to add this to your list of factors to decide on the best hand sander, but if you have some amount to spare, you can choose a model that has features that enhance the comfort of use. This includes proper switch positions, low weight, etc.

Best Hand Sanders in the Market

1. Makita BO3710 Finishing Sander:

If you have been using hand sanders for long enough, you should know about Makita as one of the well-known manufacturers of sanders in the market. All of their products are of great quality and this sander does not fail to provide quality either. This is one of those hand sanders which you can use for finishing jobs with precise quality. This one definitely comes with less noise and reduced vibration while the sander is at work. That being said, this sander is quite costly too, but you can rest assured that you get a good value for the money that you pay. With 11000 OPM, this sander is perfect for finishing work efficiently and fast as well. This unit also comes with a rubberized grip which ensures maximum comfort and excellent fit as well. The dust collection system is not that bad either.


  • Really easy to use compared to other sanders
  • Comes with a perfectly designed handle and well-rubberized grip that ensures maximum comfort
  • Smooth and efficient finish with 11000 OPM
  • As per the hand sander reviews, it comes with a built-in counterbalance system that reduces vibration a lot and makes it easier to use
  • Comes with a trigger switch which you can control with two fingers only and gives you better control on the unit as well
  • The dust collection system is good enough to match your requirement


  • Seems a bit more pricey compared to what you get
  • The sandpaper clips are not at all robust as they should be

2. DeWalt DWE6411K 1/4 Inch Sheet Palm Grip Sander:

This efficient and powerful hand sander from DeWalt is one of the best that you can buy. With its capability to provide a smooth sanding fast and efficiently, this sander can certainly be your first choice. The unit weighs only 3 lbs which are really easy to handle for long hours of work. The motor included works at 2.4 amps and has a 14000 OPM which definitely helps in finishing the work really quickly and smoothly. The switch included is completely protected from any dust which means it will last really longer than you think. This unit also comes with a perfectly sealed construction which makes sure that it has a really long life. The sander comes with a textured body grip and its anti-slip top ensures that you have a comfortable grip over your device, and provides better control over the work as well. This sander supports ¼ sheets and comes with a nice dust bag that truly has a better capacity than other sanders available in the market.


  • The unit comes with 24 amps motor which ensures a smooth finish
  • The switch is dust-sealed which results in a long switch life.
  • The unit is designed to provide maximum comfort and better control
  • According to hand sander reviews, the anti-slip technology ensures that you always have better control over your device
  • The dust collection bag comes with a high capacity
  • The unit does not vibrate a lot while using which makes sure that you do not feel a lot of fatigue even when using the device for long
  • The cord included is quite durable and sturdy as well


  • Creates a lot of noise while working
  • The size of the sheets might seem a little bit small to use for this unit

3. Black & Decker BDEQS300 1/4 Sheet Orbital Sander:

This hand sander from Black & Decker is one of the affordable of the sanders available in the market. Hand sanders from this manufacturer have been one of the best in the market and this hand sander despite being affordable provides quality service. This sander includes a 2-amp motor and runs at 1600 OPM which is good enough for detailed work and sanding as well. The design of this sander is such that it can be kept even in the tight space and it comes with a paddle switch which definitely adds to the easy ON/OFF functionality. This can come handy especially when you are trying to get some detailed work. The switch is installed at the top part of the unit and is really easy to access and control. This hand sander from Black & Decker is a highly efficient unit, especially with the introduction of tri-layer filtration it has become one of the best and high-performance systems that you can get. The dust collection system works good enough to keep the working environment clean.


  • The motor is of 2.0 amps which are really powerful for sanding
  • The paddle switch ensures an easy way to start and stop sanding as and when required
  • Perfect for detailed work and sanding
  • The dust collection system ensures a clean environment and delivers high performance
  • One of the best and versatile hand sanders you can buy
  • The compact design makes sure you can keep this thing in the tight places


  • Loading the sandpaper is a lot difficult than you think it should be

4. Porter-Cable 380 Finish Palm Sander:

This hand sander is not only one of the best sanders in the market, but also is affordable too. Although this hand sander does not cost a lot of money, when it comes to efficient hand sanding, this product can surely stand tall in the list of hand sanders. The design is good enough to reduce fatigue and increase comfort and is compact enough to make sure you can work right in the corners as well. The Porter-Cable 380 comes with a 2 amps motor which is really great for working fast and smooth. The unit comes with a counterbalanced design and has a dual plane as well which reduces the vibrations and improves comfortability.


  • Not much fatigue even after working for long hours
  • Comes with 2.0 amps and with an OPM of 13000
  • Counterbalanced system for reducing vibrations
  • As per the hand sander reviews, the switch is perfectly protected from any type dust intrusion
  • The design is perfect for working even in the corners


  • The dust collector does not work that great

5. Makita BO4556K 4-1/2-Inch Finishing Sander:

Although this sander from Makita weighs 7.2 lbs, still according to the hand sander reviews, this one is one of the best sanders available in the market. With a 2.0 amps motor and a speed of 14000 OPM, this sander can truly work through anything you want. The most important feature that makes this sander stands out in the market, is its construction. It’s really well engineered to reduce the vibration and the noise which is really great. Apart from that, it comes with a large clamping which ensures a faster and easier paper changes on the go. Also, the grip is rubberized which means even if you are working for long hours, your hands won’t get tired and you will have better control and improved comfort while working. While working with a sander one of the most important things that you need to check is the dust collection system and this sander truly stands tall in that department. The dust collection system ensures that the work environment is always clear and ready for you to work longer. The rubber sealed switch included in the handle is really easy to access and enables one-handed operation with ease.


  • With an OPM of 14000, this sander is capable of providing a smooth and fast sanding
  • The perfect construction reduces the vibration and noise while working
  • The grip is made of rubber which improves comfort and control for longer work hours
  • Quick and easy paper installation
  • The efficient dust collection ensure a clean and safe work environment
  • The switch location is really perfect which enables to work with only on hand


  • The dust bag attachment technique is not that easy and might take some time to understand

How to use a Hand Sander Safely?

Ensuring your safety while using a hand sander is of prime importance. Mentioned below are a few safety tips that any woodworker should adopt while using a sander:

  • Before you begin sanding, make sure that you have donned appropriate ear and eye protection gear.
  • Try to wear protective respiratory gear to prevent breathing troubles.
  • Never wear jewelry or lose clothing while sanding.
  • If you have long hair, put it up.
  • Ensure that your working area is well-ventilated.
  • If your sander doesn’t have an in-built dust collection system, attach one yourself.
  • Do not apply pressure on the sander while working as this can cause kickback, overheating, burning, etc.
  • Make sure that your workpiece is secured well before you start using the sander.


With many options in the market, choosing the right-hand sander may seem to be a difficult job. However, when you consider the few important factors given above, getting yourself the best product may not be that difficult a task after all. And to be true, spending a while on finding the best product is totally worth it as the hand sander that you buy will surely be able to help you complete a variety of woodworking projects that you may have in mind.

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