10 Best Cordless Drills with Reviews

A cordless drill is a must-have tool in every household or workshop. Whether it is simple furniture fixing or remodeling, you can accomplish every detailed project with the help of a cordless drill. The drills are easy to use, handy, and versatile and can carry out the toughest and easiest of the drilling tasks. When you are out in the market to buy a cordless drill, you may get confused with the numerous options available in the market. In this article we will provide reviews of the Best Cordless Drill in the market along with the diverse features of the drills and how to choose one according to your need.

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Different Types of Cordless Drills that You Can Buy

1. According to Use:

  • Light Duty Drills: When you are planning to buy drills for household work, then light duty drills are the most preferable ones. You can carry out any common and small task in and around the house. These drills are extremely affordable and do not require high voltage to perform. They run using batteries ranging from 12V to 20V. These drills are best for fixing up light furniture or for the DIY purpose.
  • General Use Drills: The general use drills are the most common ones found in houses and workshops. They use 12V batteries to run and can be used to fix furniture, boreholes in tough wood, easily drive a pouch of the screw with a single battery charge. These drills can be occasionally used for heavy duty work as well.
  • Heavy Duty DrillsHeavy-duty drills are not appropriate for amateur DIYers. They are suitable for being used in workshops by professionals or pro DIYers where one needs to make complete furniture out of the wood logs. The drill uses 18v -24V batteries. They can bore holes in thick boards, tough wood logs, and concrete bricks as well.

2. According to Purpose:

  • Drill Drivers: The drill drivers are also known as screw drillers. They are mostly used to drill holes to fit in screws. This is a common driller that is commonly found in households as well as workshops and manufacturing units. These drills come in general use and heavy duty types.
  • Right Angle Drill: The right angle drill allows the driller to cut the hole in an angle. These drills let you cut in tight spaces and adjust the power accordingly. The right angle drills are specialty drills but have become quite common in most workshops and households these days.
  • Impact Driver: The impact drivers have higher torque than most common drills. They can be used in removing and installing nuts and screws along with bolts and fasteners. They are mostly used in tighter spaces or thick blocks. These drills are commonly used by carpenters in workshops.
  • Hammer Drill: As the name says it all, the hammer drills provide a forward thrust and install the nuts with ease. These drills are basically used by professional carpenters and industrialist to fix heavy and tough wood legs, thick barrels, and concrete bricks as well.
  • Rotary Hammer Drills: The rotary hammer drills are popularly used by masons. These drills are mostly used as chisels to remove concrete materials. Cordless rotary hammers are portable but are not lightweight. This makes them difficult to use for a longer period of time at a stretch.

Important Features that a Good Cordless Drill Must Have

Chuck Size: The clamp is the other name of the chuck which holds the drill. Chuck or clamp is an important part of the drill. It tells two things about the drill – the upper limit of the drill and the power capability of the drill. The lesser is the chuck size, the better is the performance of the drill as it helps it to stay in place. Usually, a drill chuck size differs between 1/2 “and 3/8.” Heavy-duty drills have ½” chuck size; the lighter ones, however, have 3/8” clamp size.

Batteries: Most of the cordless drills are equipped with lithium batteries. Ensure that the drills are accompanied with newest generation batteries. It has been proven that lithium batteries can provide double the performance than other batteries and also offer four times more lasting than the regular batteries.

Chargers: Drill chargers come in two types – the regular charge ones and quick charge ones. As the name suggests, quick chargers help to charge up your drill quite fast, usually within 30 minutes while the regular chargers take a few hours to charge up a drill completely. That said, quick chargers are costlier than the regular ones and are ideal for those who need to carry out drilling for long periods at a stretch. Many chargers also have indicators that display whether the batteries are fully charged or not. These chargers prevent the batteries to overcharge and ensure that they have longest battery life.

Voltage: Voltage is important when you are buying a drill machine. The voltage limits the extent of usage and determines how the power of the drill. A cordless drill can have a voltage in the range of 12V to 24V. The more is the voltage, the better is the drill in performing heavy duty tasks.

Speed: The speed of the drill is counted on the basis of rotation per minute. Normal drills run at three hundred RPM. They do wonders in fixing and undoing screws around the household. However, for industrial or workshops, you might require a high-speed drill. High-speed drills offer speed between 1300 to 1600 RPM.

Grip: The grip is very important for a cordless drill. If the grip is not comfortable, you won’t be able to carry out any drilling work. Rubberized grips are more comfortable than any other style. If you have good grip drill machine, you will save your wrist, shoulder, and arms from getting injured.

Things that You Should Consider Before Buying a Cordless Drill

Switches: The forward and reverse switches along with on and off must be comfortably placed for easy operations.

Specific Brands: Consult with people you know to check out what brand is the best. You can also ask a pro you may know. Buy brands that have an active repair shop and are popular in your locality.

Additional Features: Any additional features are always welcome when you are buying a cordless drill. This will make it worthy enough for the money you are investing on it. Features can be like additional brakes, electric handle, extra spares, led display etc.

Brushless or Brush Motor: Brushless motor is noiseless whereas brush motor makes creaky sounds. If you are using it for the household, go for a brushless motor. The brushless drills are powerful and generate lesser heat. They are safe for daily use.

Battery Size, Life, and Weight: When you are buying a cordless drill, you must know that it completely works on batteries. The better is the battery life, the more is the RPM or speed of the drill. The more the battery requires charging, there are interruptions in your work. You must check for the battery life and how long it can run the drill. The weight of the battery also matters as it may make the drill heavy and difficult to handle.

Test: Try the drill before you buy it. You must check for the battery life, the speed, the sturdiness, and the grip. If the drill is comfortable, then only go for it. The drill must not be uncomfortable or inconvenient to use as it will hamper your work.

Best Cordless Drill in the Market That You Can Buy

1. Makita FD02W series: 

The Makita FD02W is an imported, lithium-ion packed cordless drill that offers a solution to all your problems. With variable speed design, the unit provides a huge range of driving applications and features. The cordless drill is lightweight and packed with an extremely light Lithium-ion battery. There is an illuminated LED light which lights up the work area. The cordless drill is ergonomically designed and offers a comfortable grip with gloves on. The device has a keyless chuck for your convenience. The drill has been powerfully designed to make it suitable for the professionals, householders, electricians, remodelers, and installers. Whether you have a small repair work or want to carry out an industrial job, the Makita FD02W series is purely a satisfactory purchase. The product is indeed a perfect addition to your toolbox with 3 years of manufacturer’s warranty.


  • 12V lithium battery
  • 18 clutch settings
  • Variable 2-speed design
  • Led lights
  • Motor delivers 200lbs of Torque
  • Weighs only 2.2 lbs.
  • Lithium battery


  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable grip
  • LED lights illuminate the working area
  • Provides even pressure
  • Ultra-compact size
  • Powerful motor


  • Poor battery life
  • Not suitable for the long run duration

2. Black Decker LD 120VA:

If you are looking for the best cordless drill that helps to cut a hole through wood, plastic, or metal, then Black Decker LD 120VA is your call. With a soft grip handle, the unit is extremely comfortable and easily fits in the hand like a glove. The Black Decker drill is equipped with a powerful lithium battery that once charged can be on standby for eighteen months at a stretch. The unit is also equipped with an additional 30 accessories kit to help you with all types of drilling. The Black Decker drill allows the user to adjust up to twenty-four position clutch which prevents the screws from stripping and being overused. Perfect for household and industrial purpose, the Black Decker LD 120VA is a must-have in your toolbox. Use it to accomplish a professional project or DIY task, the unit offers all types of drilling with ease. Irrespective of whether you are a novice or a professional workman, the drill is absolutely one of the best buys you can find online.


  • 30 additional accessories
  • Persistent drilling
  • Soft grip handle for comfortable use
  • The lithium-ion battery that stays good for 18 months without charge
  • Magnetic tip holder


  • Drills through plastic, metal, and wood with ease
  • Accompanied by 30 additional accessories
  • 24 position clutch for diverse drilling
  • Soft and comfortable grip


  • Poor battery
  • Poor power
  • The drill works only at a single speed

3. Black Decker LDX120C:

The Black Decker LDX120C is an advanced version of its earlier series. The cordless drill is best suitable to cut a hole through any type of plastic, wooden, and metal sheets. The unit is a combo kit that comes equipped with a 20V lithium battery. Not to mention, even with such a power packed battery, the unit is extremely lightweight for the regular users. With an eleven-position clutch, the unit is extremely compact and controllable. A novice user can use this product with ease without damaging the wood, plastic, or metal sheets to be worked upon. The batteries are meant to give a longer run time with high-speed functioning. This unit is ideal for industrial, professional, and household use. The unit is so compact that it can easily fit in smaller hands, like those of a woman. The Black Decker LDX120C also has an LED light that illuminates the working space and helps to work in lack of light as well.


  • 20V lithium battery
  • 11 position clutch
  • Can be used in confined spaces
  • Variable speed


  • Can be used at variable speed
  • Counterstrikes the wood without damaging
  • 11 position clutch to adjust
  • Lightweight
  • Compact design
  • Low price


  • Poor battery life
  • Needs constant recharging
  • Poor RPM 

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4. Black Decker BDCDMT120:

The Black Decker BDCDMT120 is one of the best cordless drill in the market. The drill is made up of imported plastic material which is sturdy and gives you a comfortable grip. Matrix quick connect system, the drill easily bores into any type of material – wood, plastic, and metal. The Black Decker BDCDMT120 equipped 20V lithium battery that gives enough longevity to the battery and a smart speed functioning as well. This Black Decker cordless drill has the modular capacity that permits the user to match the tool and accessories as per requirement. It is regarded as one of the best in the range available in the market. The drill works in the tightest of spaces with ease thereby applying less pressure to your hands. So, if you generally suffer from wrist, arm, or shoulder ache after drilling, this machine is definitely your solace.


  • 20V matrix lithium-ion battery
  • 3/8 chuck size
  • Matrix quick connect system
  • Plastic body
  • High performing RPM
  • Variable setting
  • Single speed


  • Lightweight and compact
  • Sturdy body
  • Comfortable grip
  • Value for money
  • Variable settings to use for a different purpose


  • Single speed
  • Does not unscrew nicely
  • Overheats

5. Hitachi DS10DFL2:

Who does not prefer a lifetime warranty on the battery? Well, this Hitachi cordless drill model gives you a lifetime warranty on the battery along with 2 years warranty on the model itself. The Hitachi drill is highly impressive as it is lightweight and is perfect for high-end usage. If you are looking for a sturdy cordless drill that does not falter at tightest of the position, then this is it! With two-speed gear setting and 21 clutch positions, there is nothing better in the market! The Hitachi cordless drill has an ergonomic design with an excellent grip handle. You can now work at a stretch without worrying about injuring your wrist, arms or shoulders. The device also comes with a LED light to highlight the workspace and make the drilling process easier.


  • Freestanding design
  • Led light
  • 3/8 clutch
  • 300 lb. in torque
  • 21 clutch position
  • Optimized handle dimension


  • Lightweight
  • Comfortable grip
  • Extremely professional quality product
  • Can be used for household purpose
  • Lifetime warranty on the battery


  • Can’t be charged on international sockets
  • Runs only at 110V

6. Dewalt DC759:

The Dewalt DC759 is a unique high-performing cordless drill that works at dual speed with variable strength. The unit comes in a fancy, easy-to-open bulk case which makes it easy to carry to any place of work. Most of the Dewalt cordless drills have similar features with fluctuating speed strength. The high performing motor drills through any metal, plastic or wood at high speed. The drill has ½” single sleeve keyless chuck that reduces slippage and provides complete pressure on the material or wall. The driver has an ergonomic design with perfect grip. As the device is cordless, you can instantly switch to other projects without worrying about changing the cords. The tool is lightweight and reduces fatigue when used at a stretch. Thus, you can use the driver as long as you want without damaging your wrist or hand.


  • Dual speed
  • Variable strength
  • ½ clutch
  • 75 pounds weight


  • Lightweight
  • Works at the tightest of space
  • Comfortable grip
  • Sturdy case to carry


  • Lacks LED light
  • The battery is not sturdy enough

7. Dewalt DCD790D2 Series:

Manufactured in the United States, the Dewalt DCD790D2 is almost like other Dewalt counter drivers. The built is sturdy and it works well at tightest of the space. The driver reduces fatigue due to its sturdy built and lightweight design. The unit comes as a bare tool with no additional features and accessories. It works well on almost all materials. You can use this driver for DIY and professional fixing purposes. The driver has dual speed and works at variable strength. The only additional accessory in the driver set is the additional battery which is found in almost all Dewalt driver series. The battery takes a longer time to charge but gives a standard drill. More or less, Dewalt DCD790D2 is a standard cordless driver for all types of usage.


  • 20V lithium battery
  • Dual speed
  • Variable strength


  • Lightweight
  • Compact design
  • Variable strength
  • Dual speed
  • Comes in a case


  • Lacks LED light
  • The battery is not high performance and takes a long time to charge

8. Black Decker GC018-2:

We have come up with another Black Decker cordless drill series that is not much different from other cordless drills by the brand. With 24 position clutches, the Black Decker GC018-2 is one of its kind. The driver has a soft grip that reduces your fatigue while working in intense areas. The device has an easy to use the button that helps in switching the driver to variable speeds. The driver has an easy to access reverse and forward button and has keyless chucks. The driver is lightweight and easy to use. It comes with an 18V lithium-ion battery which can be easily slipped into the driver. The driver also has a stand to position it in on the floor if necessary. The drill lacks a sturdy case, however. It comes with plastic blister packaging that just makes it convenient to carry anywhere.


  • 18V lithium-ion batteries
  • Accompanies 2 batteries
  • Variable strength
  • Dual speed


  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • Comfortable grip
  • Comes with two batteries
  • Works at tightest spots


  • Poor battery backup
  • Does not drill through more than 3” wood

9. Cartman 20V Driver:

The Cartman cordless driver is an amazing cordless drilling machine that anyone would love to possess. The unit is lightweight, compact, and ergonomically designed. The driver comes in a carry case that consists of screwdrivers, twist bits, and an extension rod. The driver is ideal for drilling through metal, plastic, and wood with ease. The Cartman 20V driver is compact and has a longer life than most of the drilling drivers in the market today. The driver offers variable strength with 21 clutch position. The battery life is longer than most of the counter drivers available. The driver also has an anti-slip soft grip that lessens fatigue and provides comfortable handling while drilling. The driver also has LED lights that brighten the workspace and makes the visibility better.


  • Keyless Chuck
  • 21 torque settings
  • 20V lithium-ion batteries
  • Equips with 6 screwdrivers, 6 twist bit, and one extension rod.


  • Dual speed
  • Variable strength setting
  • Cuts through metals, plastic, and wood
  • Long battery life


  • Drilling quality is weak
  • The battery pops out
  • Needs charging frequently

10. Bosch 18-Volt Compact Tough Drill/Driver Kit DDB181-02:

A complete cordless drill package it is! This professional quality high-grade cordless drill comes in an assorted kit. The drill is incredibly lightweight and works great at hard-to-reach areas as well. The drill works at dual combo speed and positions with 21 clutch settings. This permits the user to precisely use the driver at any settings to cut through all types of metals, plastic, and wood. The Borsch drill is convenient and comfortable to use. It also has an LED light that brightens up the area of work and makes it easy to drill even in scarce lighting as well. The unit is a high rated cordless driver that comes with two batteries, a charger, and a complete screw driving set.


  • 21 clutch position setting
  • Professional grade
  • Two-speed combo
  • High torque
  • Led light for better visibility


  • Comfortable and anti-slip grip
  • 12V lithium battery
  • Comes in professional quality case
  • Best for DIY and professional work
  • Equipped with two batteries
  • Compact and versatile


  • The battery is difficult to remove
  • Not suitable for novice driller

How to Decide Which Drill is the Best for You?

Whether you intend on fixing a picture on the wall or doing a DIY over a weekend or carrying out a professional job, it is important that you must buy a perfect drill machine. If you are not sure which product is the best for you after reading the cordless drills reviews, here are some suggestions that will help you decide which drill is the best for you.

  • Light Maintenance and Repairs: When you are buying a drill for a household purpose like fixing curtains, drilling on drywalls, anchoring, assembling furniture, or any other work, you may not require dual battery drill. The drills with a single battery will be absolutely fine for such light works. These tasks are very quick to handle and do not require multiple speed as well. Hence you may not want to invest in highly featured drills. However, if your job includes professional quality tasks, you may need variable speed and multiple batteries.
  • Repair and Remodeling Purpose: There are some professional grade jobs like building storage racks, closet shelving, and fence picketing, drilling pilot holes, inserting screws in plywood, making furniture, or joining two metals through screws. To carry out these drilling tasks, you need cordless drills with variable speed, clutches, and T handle. The driver must have two batteries so that you can replace it as soon as the first one discharges. You may need a high voltage cordless drill that gives you most RPM.
  • Heavy Construction Work: Missionaries, building remodeling, wood treatments, drilling spikes in timber woods, installing decks, or drilling into steels are some of the heavy duty tasks that need heavy-duty cordless drills. The drills required for these tasks are expensive and heavyweight as well. You need heavy weight and extremely high power battery operated cordless drills in such cases so that you don’t burn them by overheating.

Safety and Operational Tips

When you start using drills, you must follow the below safety tips:

  • Always recycle the dead batteries.
  • Drills with RPM of 300 to approx 1500 will give you the best drill
  • The more the torque, the better will be the drilling quality
  • In order to reduce overlapping of screws, use a low-speed torque
  • For making holes, use high speed drills and to drill the screws, always use a low speed one.
  • Some drills may take a long time to charge. Always charge them fully before beginning with your drilling work
  • Use smart chargers to avoid overcharging
  • Use Autoshift mode to save the drill from overheating and ensure quality drilling
  • Most of the drills come with safety cases that include a battery charger, screwdrivers, extensions, and other accessories.
  • Always use holsters when drilling
  • Whenever you finish drilling, always place it on a towel instead of leaving them erect to avoid knocking them down.
  • Always use safety gears like gloves and safety glasses before drilling.


Cordless drills are an essential part of the toolkit. Whether you are a professional or a householder, you need a toolkit for fixing everyday furniture and for DIY tasks. It is important that you go through the reviews, and mentioned specifications before buying a drill. A cordless drill is a power-packed tool at your convenience. Buying the right drill for the right type of task will save you from unnecessary expenses.

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